We need your support to finalise our beautiful project: a space dedicated to body and movement.

The aim of ORA is to bring together several aerial disciplines and further develop and share our passion for movement. Various different classes benefitting the body and mind will be offered, such as; strength, flexibility, coordination, and mobility. The ultimate goal being to help maintain a good posture and general health.

Pole dance, aerial disciplines (hoop, trapeze, aerial straps) as well as complementary activities such as Barre à terre (classical dance technique), Pilates, Yoga, and other flexibility and strengthening classes will be part of our wide range of offerings. The exercises and movements trained on the floor allow a physical and mental balance which can support and reinforce other sports practices.

Working on a schedule adapted to the needs of each individual, we are already looking forward to sharing our innovative ideas, attentive to well-being as well as ensuring kindness to the environment.

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Thanks to your contribution, we will soon be able to welcome you warmly at ORA: a place between earth and sky.

ORA is a meeting place open to diversity and variety, where future members are encouraged to support each other, share, and exchange ideas in a welcoming atmosphere. We hold our ecological impact close to our heart, and ensure it is respectful for both the body and environment. The studio will mainly be designed with natural colors and materials.

In accordance with our values, sustainable projects will be implemented, helping create a harmonious balance between training environment and space for well-being and health.

The ORA team is eager to share its skills and experience. It is composed of experienced instructors who are constantly looking to further develop their knowledge. Events and workshops will also be organised in the studio, making it more than a simple training studio: a space to experiment and learn, contributing to a better quality of life.

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Join us and support the ORA dream!

The two future directors, Adélaïde and Joana, have known each other since they were 13 years old. Both passionate about dance since their childhood and in love with their hometown, they decided to embark on this new adventure together: the ORA studio.

In order to create a studio in an environment promoting well-being and adapted to the practice of each individual, we ask for your help!

1st goal: 20’000 CHF

Covering the minimum of our expenses; the creation of an Ltd company.

Stretch goal: 35’000 CHF

Covering costs associated with furnishing and equipping the studio.

All funds collected beyond the 1st goal will be used to:

  • finance the first months of rent + charges 8’000 CHF

  • furnish and equip the studio 15’000 CHF

  • renovations 10’000 CHF

  • finance various administrative costs (e.g. website, insurance, legal fees) 2000 CHF

  • promote the company (e.g. flyers, press, marketing) 500 CHF develop the ORA community

We launched this campaign to make our dream come true. The contribution you are making allows us to take a step closer to finalising our project. Thank you for your generosity and support!

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