We want to make the desert green and stop desertification! Our farm is 100% organic, including dates, olives, lemons and many other trees and vegetables. Where there is love 4 nature, there is life.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 28/3/2020

Help us to grow more trees and cut down C02 as well as supporting local organic farmers

We, Abderrahim (Moroccan) and Gilda (Swiss) want to build an organic farm in the middle of the Moroccan desert, where the earth is extremely fertile and we have enough water… But at the moment, everything is dry. With your help we want to fund date and olive trees and some goats so we can provide a healthy green living space for future generations! Did you know that the earth will be more fertile whilst keeping animals on it? Gilda is a knitter so will be really happy to make organic goat wool carpets and clothes:) Abderrahim has been living and building the farm over the past 4 years out of just desert sand. He needs your financial support to realise his dream- in exchange we will offer fresh organic dates in about when the trees will give fruits for the first time. We love it because we know where the money goes and we are independently working and old school, no fertilizers no pesticide just love! Let’s support the planet and go back to the roots.

Why our project is unique

Have you ever imagined how it is to live in the absolute nowhere? Where the sun burns heavily in Summer and in Winter it gets freezing cold? Would you have thought that sth would grow there? Abderrahim inherited his land from his father, and out of love for nature he left his family to live completely alone and started building a small farmers house. He has been living and working there ever since, now 4 years ago. He just eats what he finds in his garden, but with no income, the garden grows very slowly. With money for 1 chicken or 1 package of veggie seeds, you give him a chance to sell organic eggs or seasonal vegetables at the market. With money for 1 palm (30 euros) you provide food for the next 2 generations and you help mother earth to breathe! With 50 euros you can help him improving the watering system so that no water gets lost. Sounds good?:)

That's why we need support

We want to keep chickens and goats and grow date palms, fruit trees, olives and vegetables. Only with your precious support, we are able to keep and grow all these plants and animals. With 5000 Swiss francs, we can buy enough of each, cause once we have a minimum number of goats or trees, they will automatically reproduce themselves. The more dates we can plant, the more secure our income will be, but moreover also have a true impact on climate change. We wanna optimize and also enlarge our watering system, so that no water gets lost and it’s only used where really needed. If we generate more than 5000 francs, we will dedicate this money towards the infrastructure of the village close by, and are able to buy light bulbs, goats, school material, anything that is highly needed at that moment.

Once the organic farm is super green and at it’s full potential, we wanna turn it into an open space for tourists and locals to meet. Maybe we’ll organize concerts and a desert festival, or make a bed and breakfast, who knows- we’ve got plenty of ideas! We wanna help to save our Planet and do sth for the environment. We LOVE ORGANIC and NEVER USE ANY PESTICIDES NOR SYNTHETIC FERTILIZERS!!! Because, our natural fertilizer we gain from our goat poo. :)

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! If you help us, you’ll get wonderful food packages and giveaways, such as our fresh dates directly picked from the palm- if you make it till you reach us at the desert, you are welcome to pick your own fruits directly from the tree!

The trees and palms only give fruits after 4 years, but no worries, we’ve planted some trees already, so no need to wait for that long to get your own organic fruits and dates. THANKS SO MUCH, YOU ARE TRUE ORGANIC HEROES!!! YEAH!!!