Development of organic and ecological agriculture

The project is based on the production of olive oil, hay and vegetable production. Slowly we would like to develop honey and saffron production and start the cultivation of old and gluten free wheat species. Additionaly, we have a pond, where we could start hydroponics and there are cows giving us fertilizer for the soil. The basic idea is to have a range of products, which are manufactured and distributed as ecologically as possible.

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Organic, ecological and regional

We want to serve customers of the region, who can find a range of products produced with the aim to be in harmony with nature. Moreover, we try to include WWOOFing to give people the opportunity to share the passion for organic farming.

We don't have funds for the working equipment

We need working equipment like a machine for hay bales, a fertilizer spreader and material for a greenhouse and to build a fence for the vegetable garden. The agricultural land wasn’t managed for many years, therefore some infrastructure have to be replaced. We have a lot of time and will to dedicate to the project, but we lack of funds to launch it.

Please help us to buy the working equipment, so that we can develop the organic agriculture!

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