Organic Farming as Livlihood

Three years ago, fallow land owned by the Marong family was converted into ecological farmland and fruit tree plantations. With united efforts, fruit trees and vegetables were planted by the villagers. In the meantime, papayas, mangos, oranges, mandarins, bananas, but also eggplants, cashew nuts and onions thrive around the village. Agriculture is not only for stable and independent food self-sufficiency. The aim is to produce high quality organic products such as mixed nuts and exotic canned fruits and vegetables, to sell them nationwide and also to export them to Europe. In Alkali Kunda, they have recognized the signs of the times, not taking the detour via pesticide- and machine-intensive industrial agriculture in the first place and reflecting on the organic and ecological farming methods of their ancestors. Fertilizers are only used with the dung of the cattle herds in the surrounding area, sprays are not applied at all. At present they still dig, sow and weed by hand. A used tractor with a harrow and a seeder should facilitate this process and make it possible to reclaim further areas. Due to the long dry periods, an irrigation system is also important, which not only helps to increase the crop yield, but also to manage the available water resources. This is already in place, but needs some repairs and extensions.

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This project is special because ...

The project not only ensures a stable and independent supply of food for several families, but also generates a small income for them through the sale of agricultural products. This income can be used to buy daily necessities, but also to build up reserves in order to have financial means available for repairs to existing systems and future investments. The decision to farm organically was made in the community because they saw numerous negative examples in the immediate vicinity of what the use of synthetic fertilizers and sprays means for nature. They also did not want to become dependent on seed producers and wholesale companies, which usually force small farmers to cultivate monocultures. Biodiversity and species diversity in the cultivated crops are important to the Marong family and their fellow campaigners, as in addition to the positive effects for the environment, a balanced, healthy diet can also be ensured for the villagers.

For this the family Marong needs your support

6.500,00 Euro are needed to make the following investments: *Purchase of a used tractor with accessories (harrow and seeder) to facilitate the activity of the farmers and to allow a gentle cultivation of the soil. *Repair and enlargement of the irrigation system in order to target water resources and counteract crop failures