This is what it's about

Nature is the best apothecary. How wonderful is Mother Earth that she has created a herb for every condition. It is incredibly fascinating how the quality of your life and your health can improve when you use the power of nature and incorporate healing herbs into your everyday life.

Through my studies in prevention and health management, as well as my further education in the field of yoga, Ayurveda and phytotherapy, I became more aware of the valuable treasures that grow in our immediate environment. In my advanced trainings I specialized in women’s needs and health and through my sustainable and organic tea blends I want to go one step further and create products that work, taste delicious, heal and bring joy.

In December 2020 I developed six MA EARTH tea blends and created them at my home. I lovingly created everything from design to herbal blend myself. However, the time involved is now beyond my capacity, so I would like to professionally produce my teas to bring MA EARTH into every woman’s household. The target region for the time being is Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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My project is special because ...

MA EARTH is a project of the heart, which not only does something good for the consumers, but also supports organic Swiss agriculture and will create jobs in the future. My big vision is not only the production of organic tea, I want to create an online store (in the future also a physical store) where I sell & produce natural, sustainable, ethical & spiritual products for the modern woman of today.

MA EARTH goes far beyond the physical product. There will also be a blog on the website and a podcast, all about intuitive and nature-based living. The aim is to create a platform that supports women to connect with their inner wisdom and power.

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I need your help!

Currently I operate as a one-person company and therefore I am also liable with my private assets. With the 12’500 CHF, that I want to raise through the wonderful tool of crowdfunding, I will found MA EARTH GmbH and implement the following items:

  • website / internet presence
  • purchase of the organic herbs
  • professional production of the tea blends
  • organization of storage
  • revise the design / professional packaging
  • finding partners to sell the tea in their store
  • get an organic certification (I need my own one even if the farmer has an organic certification)
  • future creation of other products like breast oil etc.

To be able to realize all of the above, I need your help! If your heart also beats for nature-based & sustainable products and you would like to support a woman-led business, I would be very happy about your donation! Every contribution counts.

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