«Origin» is an animated documentary short film about the origins of violence. The film essay strives to objectively present solid, well researched and convincing information and interrelations. At the same time the main task of the film will entail the creation of appealing and convincing metaphorical images

Background and Intention

Violence is an omnipresent topic that concerns all of us directly or indirectly. Wars, amok runs, terrorism, suicide, domestic violence, murder, genocide, rape, social marginalisation have become, via mass media channels, our daily news. While the spiral of violence increases we often do not find an explana­tion of its cause. How does human violence function? Is violence a structural problem of our global culture?

To understand why all this is happening we need to understand how our human brain works and to dig deep into the roots of our cultural habits and our notion of civilization.

In this film I would like to critically point out some socially and culturally accepted misconceptions about violence and raise important questions about the sense and nature of our economical, political and social system as a whole and within the context of our global economy. With means of film, «Origin» is looking for new aspects, paradoxes and insights about the phenomenon of violence.

Why Animated Documentary?

Animated documentaries give us the opportunity to represent ideas in a different way, we can create new narrative and metaphorical layers that allow us to present information and stories in a dynamic, efficient and unconventional way. By finding appropriate and intelligible imagery for this complex topic it will be possible to convey the insights of experts to a wider audience.

Help me to get this Project ahead

The last months I have been researching about this topic and elaborating the concept for this project. Now I need three more months to finish my research, make the script and the storyboard. Once I have a storyboard I can look for a producer and continue with the project. Please let me discover this story so I can share it with you, support our project!!! Thanks for your help!


Take a look at some sketches and notes

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Video con subtítulos en español: