The world of Orioxy is a world of contrasts where sweetness and intimacy mingle with wild organic energy. Their every composition is an imaginary creaking universe. Orioxy is a patchwork of diverse musical styles, film art, poetry and political news! From music box to oriental rhythms, via rock and electro-acoustic, they invite us to share in an adventure of delicate madness. Orioxy captures our attention by awaking an imaginary world that until now was hiding under our bed.


Orioxy toured in Europe since 2008 between clubs and festivals and has won the grand jury prize at the Avignon Jazz Festival International competition in 2013.

The second album « The other strangers » was ranked : «Revelation» Jazz Magazine / Jazzman (Sep.2013), «Favorite» La République du Jazz (Sep.2013), «Discovery» Jazz News (Nov.2013 ) and «Favorite» Femina (Sep.2014)

The group was selected for the cd compilations «Swiss Vibes» 2013 and «Jazz Made in Switzerland» 2014

Third album project

After more than fifty concerts since the release of the second album, a group experience and a real musical bond has been developed. It was time to work on a new repertoire rich of that experience.

The recording took place in April 2014 at Studio La Buissonne in south of France and was produced and mixed by Philippe Teissier du Cros. The album features 10 compositions and include a featuring with the Palestinian rapper Sami from the band DARG Team.

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Your support

The group has already produced two albums that are distributed in Europe.

Since summer 2013 we are working on the production of the 3rd CD to be released in February 2015. For it’s distribution, we are in discussions with three European labels. If signed, graphics and pressing will may be funded, but the costs of the sound production remains at our expense (recording, mixing & mastering) as well as part of the promotional costs necessary to ensure proper development of the project (press secretary, video productions such as the album teaser or video clips, updating the graphics of the website, taking new pictures of the band etc…).

We have received support from some public and private institutions and have kept the sale of our previous records for the production of this new album, but we lack CHF 10’000 yet to achieve our goals. It is why today we ask you to help us get through the last meters of this great and long adventure.

Next shows

booking in progress….

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