I'm crowdfunding 25% of the costs for my POP education

POP stands for Process Oriented Psychology and is an education I have started this January. In the last 6 years I’ve invested most of my time, energy and financial resources in learning all I can about facilitation and in being in service for the processes that want to unfold for a future that welcomes life. POP is an education, philosophy and practice that deeply resonates with me and I’m so happy that I have chosen to start this January.

Now, to cover all the costs without having to live a life of continous scarcity I have started a crowdfunding to cover 25% of the overall costs of the education. I choose to believe that there are people out there who enjoy supporting me in this development and that are willing to donate a smaller or bigger amount as a gift - trusting that in some way or another I will gift your support forward :)

Of course, you can also choose on of the «rewards» which - in my view - are not actual «rewards» but rather «happenings of mutual benefit»! It is what I love doing :)

Anyway, if you want to learn more about the specific program I’m doing check out this webpage: https://institut-prozessarbeit.ch/en/Training/Foundation-Training-in-Process-Work

And for ANY questions or remarks just reach out! I’m looking forward to hearing from you,

With warmth and all the best in the processes unfolding in your life at the moment, Osi

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What is unique about my project... phuu

I think it is somehow something very unusual, specially in Switzerland. Education is something one ought to be able to finance oneself. Well I agree, but I can’t. And I really want to do it! So I just reach out to you asking for help :)

ALSO, I think it is «special» because actually, the idea of a crowdfunding came to my mind while I was frustrated that the basic income is not yet a reality. So I thought «Why not crowdfund it then?»

Why 3780.- ?

3780.- corresponds to +/- 25% of the overall costs for the foundational training in process work. including the costs for 26 private sessions of self-experience and 10 sessions of supervision.

You can take a look at the detailed statement of costs here: https://institut-prozessarbeit.ch/media/archive1/pdf/KostenblattBLGCHF_Euro.pdf

After years of practicing and learning engaging in lots of voluntary work, internships and one year fully employed, I have decided to «go back to square 1» - in a sense - and to reinvest in deepening my education and widen my skillset. Hence I’m studying social anthropology, philosophy and sustainable development at the uni, the foundational training in POP on Weekends (1x/Month) and work as a freelance-facilitator. I’m definitely not rich but neither am I poor. I will still enjoy to go out for a beer with friends or travel on occasion - mindful of all my privileges and grateful for everything and everyone contributing to the life I’m leading - from the obvious to the less obvious contributions.

And after all, I will have to finance 75% of the costs myself, I think this is going to be a fair enough challenge for now :)