[S]guardo da vicino

[S]guardo da vicino: our pride and joy. It is a showcase – as well as a competition – born out of a desire to make room for young producers and directors either Swiss-based or coming from neighbouring countries. Special attention is paid to productions made by film schools or authors who have recently completed their studies in a cinema context. This initial notion has grown over the years – just as OtherMovie itself has done – geographically broadening this section of the Festival to encompass film performances of works coming from authors all over the world who have an innovative and unusual regard on the contemporary and diverse. An «other» look to pick up on the concept that has given the Festival its name.
Since its inception, a professional jury has assessed the competing films ultimately awarding prizes to the best ones. OtherMovie indeed seeks to bring together a broad cultural offering – and not just a niche one – with a quest for quality. And it is precisely this quality that gets rewarded and supported through the [S]guardo da vicino section of the Festival.

With your support, we will be able to cover the costs of the selection process as well as award two prizes

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This is why I need support

In order to ensure that authors and artistically-valid productions get the backing they deserve, it is essential that funds be raised for their qualitative cultural and artistic output. And this is an engagement towards the Festival as well as the very sense of its own nature. With your help and support, we will select the best possible films and award the following prizes:

  • AWARD FOR ’Best Film’ in the [S]GUARDO DA VICINO section SPECIAL MENTION to the best DIRECTOR in the S]GUARDO DA VICINO section


we’ve tried to thank you for your support by making your part of the project itself: come and join us in every sense of the word.