We aspire to be the change and invite you to join us on this journey.

Coming together from different parts of the world, all sharing the same vision for a more sustainable and greener planet. We aspire to build a place where we can live in ecological harmony with each other and minimize our environmental impact within the piece of Mother Earth that we are growing with and living within.

We aim to create a self sustaining community that will operate with an exchange economy. We want to grow our own food, build our own constructions from natural and recycled materials, and share this knowledge with anyone who wishes to visit us so we can learn to live more sustainable without having to harm the planet any further. Otopos will be open for local and foreign visitors to come experience the Ecovillage and find inspiration to take back home. We will offer accommodation, food, mindfulness practices, workshops, seminars and more for those who would like to learn about sustainable living.

The village is located on the wild and beautiful island of Ikaria, Greece. An island that drips with natural beauty and is known for its rich natural resources and the longevity of its inhabitants.

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My project is special because ...

Otopos is a place where people can express their creativity through connecting with their inner self, nature, and animals.

We have been dreaming of creating a self-sustaining community where we can live of the fruits and resources nature offers us. At our village, you can find vegetable and fruit gardens where we grow organic food and are implementing permaculture ways. Also we apply sustainable architecture, renewable energy, an exchange economy, as well as art and mindfulness practices.

Otopos encourages self-expression and creativity through traditional knowledge of past generations and local culture (i.e. oil infusions, bread making, grain grinding, stone architecture, herbal elixirs, botany). Our goal is for people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds to come teach their skills and exchange knowledge amongst each other.

We are working on clay houses, tipis, a cave sauna, an amphitheater and more. All of our constructions are made of local clay, stone and other natural materials. We combine traditional methods of building with modern sustainable technology so we can minimize our environmental impact. Also, most of the decorations and art you will find at Otopos are made from natures gifts we find on our hikes.

We intend to create the ecovillage with as little money as possible and aim for a flow of exchange, based on solidarity, sharing, love and respect for the environment. Our mission is to reduce our ecological impact and design a more connected and healthy future. We offer food, accommodation, mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation, holistic healing, as well as workshops and seminars on green living and more.

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This is what I need backing for.

We wanted to finance our project with our own funds, but now we realize that we cannot do it by our self and need your help.

The land we are building the Ecovillage on belongs to a family member of one of the organizers of this project. Meaning that we pay a monthly rental fee with a long-term contract. The owner gave us the option to buy the land, which we hope to be able to do in the future.

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining community that lives of nature’s resources. In this way, we don’t have to depend on external sources that have a negative impact on the environment and require money. We wish to create a place that will cover our needs on multiple levels through exchange, sharing, donations and love in every substance.

Although, some things are out of our control and since we live in a money driven society, we still need to keep in consideration that we do have some expenses. Currently, the main expenses that we need to keep in mind are paying for: electricity and water, some building equipment and materials,solar panels, tepees, yoga & activity Shala, kitchen equipment, household materials, transport, as well as food.

We have started creating our organic gardens and planted seeds which start to produce their first fruits, but it will take some time before the quantity will be adequate to feed everyone in the village. We are very grateful for the support of the locals who have been donating veggies from their gardens and whom we help whenever possible with exchange work. Our goal for this year is to cover 70 percent of our needs through the village and with exchange, while 30 percent such as the rent and other expenses with money. Currently we are able to support and provide facilities for 7 people. However, our goal is to expand and offer a community for up to 27 people.It is a new project and it will take time, hard work and patience until we will be able to achieve our dreams.

But we don’t just want to ask you for your support, we would also like to give back and invite you to discover beautiful Ikaria with its breathtaking Mediterranean views, the wonderful hospitality and the wild nature. Choose a reward of your preference, which we can send you home (to bring the Ikarian spirit to your house) , stay with us at our cozy ecovillage or just donate. ♥

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