The project

Out South is a band that consists of four Italian musicians from Palermo, Sicily. We play together since 2010. Now we have recorded our second album, «Dustville», and we want this album to be published by two sicilian independent record labels, 800A Records and Fitzcarraldo Records. Moreover we plan a release tour in Switzerland and Italy.

About the music

The music we play is deeply Blues, not in the form but in the soul, in the real spirit. Out South’s sound is sand and dust, Scirocco and sea, silence and patience. The music we play is the synthesis of our human and musical experiences which we collected often far away from the place of our origin. We strongly believe in the evocative power of our music, using a simple and direct language to explore the viceral side of music.

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About the recording

«Dustville», our new album was recorded live in studio in order to maintain the flow of our emotions intact. You can feel every heartbeat and listen to the pure feeling we put into the music during the recording session.

Why we need your support

We already recorded and mixed the entire album and we shot two videos.

Now we need your support to:

  • print and promote the album
  • design the cd cover and have a photoshoot
  • organize concerts in Switzerland and Italy for our release tour
  • spread the word!