Group presentation

We are a rock band founded in 2015. Our music reflects wide influences from all its members, going from alternative rock, punk and metal to blues. Therefore, we can create varied and dynamics tracks. We also pay much importance to the poetics French lyrics, that often use poetry codes to give feelings like determination, courage and freedom desire.


Our first album

This first album is a project we are working on for a few years. The ten compositions that are going to appear on it are now ready to be recorded and for that, we need your participation! More precisely, the amount collected will help us to finance the recording, mixing, mastering, and pressing part of the album. We invest a pretty big amount of money to guarantee the best quality, all that by working with local professionals.

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For the curious ones

Our 5 musicians: Kylia (19 yo) – Singer since her first cry and commercial employee in real life. Dylan (20 yo) – Drummer since he is 5 years old and now photograph, sanitary installer and soon farmer. Melissa (22 yo) – Pianist for 12 years and professionally biologist. Lenny (25 yo) – Guitarist for over 10 years, also biologist. Esteban (20 yo) – Bassist for now 3 years, studying in social. We all work in different areas, but the music is our passion and it brings us together.