Good News!By elpeyotl, on 15/10/2015 23:46


Finally! It is here!!

Our beautiful vinyl arrived! We will ship them tomorrow friday!

Thank you very much again for all your help in making this record possible! We are very happy having made this little piece of art true!

See you soon at one of our concerts! Enjoy the music! We hope you like it!


Record Release Party - PANTA RHEIBy elpeyotl, on 7/9/2015 12:36


Our new record «PANTA RHEI» will be released next Saturday, the 12th of September on Vinyl and CD.

We’d like to celebrate this day together with you guys!

So we’ve invited our friends from TONER LOW (NL) who will play an extended set and the DJs Omar and Mia Moustache for the after-party.


Saturday, 12.09.2015 Kaschemme, Basel Doors: 20:00

See you there Alexandra, Chris, Jessie & Sarah

We made it!By elpeyotl, on 27/7/2015 02:04

Thank you! Danke! Gracias!

We made it! With your help did we reach 100% of our campaign! We are so happy that this could happen and are impressed with the reactions we got with this crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to all of you!

So what’s happening now?

We were not unbusy the last months and are happy to tell you that «Pantha Rei» has already made its way to the press plant. The new record will be released on 12th of september on Vinyl and CD at our Release Party at Kascheme in Basel. You will find more info about the release party here and here.

What about my goodie?

We will make sure that you will get your goodie as fast as possible. You will be informed directly when we have more information about your goodie.

This is it!

Thank you again for your help! We asked for crowdfunding and we did it! It was only possible because you all helped us! We really appreciate it and hope you will like our new album!

So long! See you soon somewhere!


teaser onlineBy elpeyotl, on 21/5/2015 00:08

you’d like to know how the new album will sound like?

check out the teaser we’ve put online:

shEver – panta rhei – teaser

another song of the upcoming album: smileBy elpeyotl, on 10/5/2015 22:55