Parterre One remains loud!

by Verein Förderkreis


Due to the coronavirus no events may be held at our place until further notice. We are sitting on many costs but no earnings. Help us so that we can keep bringing music on stage!

CHF 36’655

104% of CHF 35’000

104 %
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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 22/5/2020

Keep the Parterre One as a cultural stage!

By decision of the Swiss Federal Council, all leisure facilities in Switzerland were temporarily closed in order to control the corona pandemic. We had to cancel all our events until further notice and are left with no earnings. Earnings, which we need for our wage costs and for the coming season from September onwards to book acts, pay fees, hotels and transport. The government has promised help, but we can’t do it without you! Be there for us, so that we can be there for you again soon.

Credits are a burden for us! We would like to find a sustainable solution - and give you something in return.

We had to cancel or postpone about 85 events! The amount of damage totals around CHF 155’400! EVERY PENNY COUNTS!

We can reach these milestones together:

  • CHF 35’000: loss of songwriter Slam & Open Mic covered! ❤

  • CHF 44,300: Poetry Slam saved! ❤

  • CHF 53,500: drag queen varietés financed! ❤

  • CHF 79’000: 25% of the cancelled concerts covered! ❤

  • CHF 104’500: 50% of the cancelled concerts covered! ❤

  • CHF 130’000: 75% of the cancelled concerts covered! ❤


Part of our team: (from left) Robert Vilim (Booking), Lawrence Pawelzik (Management), Milena Lopez (Intern), Claudia Zimmermann (Intern), Nic Plésel (Booking), Julia Planzer (Staff)
Part of our team: (from left) Robert Vilim (Booking), Lawrence Pawelzik (Management), Milena Lopez (Intern), Claudia Zimmermann (Intern), Nic Plésel (Booking), Julia Planzer (Staff)

WHAT we do and WHY we do it

We are committed to Basel as a cultural city and consider the support of creative talents combined with the maintenance of high-quality leisure opportunities to be indispensable for the work-life balance that is so important today. We would like to encourage thoughtless people to think, give a break to those who think constantly, bring generations together and offer our guests a living room outside their own four walls where they can listen to the fine arts without any worries and are able to indulge in carefree emotion.

A fully-employed team of professionals from a wide range of cultural fields, with a carefully maintained network, open eyes and ears when scouting and a good portion of courage and love for culture, creates a programme consisting of around 360 events per year on the stages of Parterre One and Atlantis Basel. Events for singer-songwriters or an open stage for undiscovered talents aim to promote undiscovered treasures of the regional cultural scene.

We are culture SUPPORTERS!

We from the organisation FOER support individual talents and young bands but we are equally committed to ensuring that great acts are accessible to everyone! We offer new voices a stage, help to build them up and provide an important platform for them - the countless artists who still belong to the world of small art somewhere. A platform that we have developed over many years and which we are proud of!

We generally keep admission prices low and work together with great partners like the Kulturlegi. Culture should be accessible to everyone! Culture should be inclusive! Culture should be free and being free means being able to unfold yourself culturally. That is what we stand up for!

Anna Rossinelli (2019, Parterre One)
Anna Rossinelli (2019, Parterre One)