The Cycle Messenger World Championships (CMWC) are the ultimate competition for urban cyclists. The strongest, fastest, and smartest messengers meet once a year to decide who is the best through races that test their physical and mental limits.

This is not only a major international sporting championships, but also an opportunity to celebrate the culture, values and the community of bike messengers.

In Order to welcome the community in respectable way, we organize many parties with dj’s and concerts.

That’s where you can help, by donating you help us paying the local musicians!

We’re looking for two main sponsors giving 2500 CHF each. For that you’ll receive a BMC bike that’s worth 1250 CHF. You’ll also be our VIP guest during the championship and it’s parties!

For 1000 CHF you’ll be invited for a mountain bike initiation with a pro rider! And you’ll be our VIP!

Every other donation is welcome, it could help us add some little fun here and there!

And anyway come to Lausanne from the 1st to the 4th of august, there will be lots of fun!