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With Partoom, be delivered soon

Travelers with free space in their luggage offer a trip to Partoom and set the price for the transport and delivery of one or more packages. The interested sender contacts the passenger and pays the amount requested.

In order to guarantee the security of each transaction, each member of the platform is asked to supply identification elements at the time of registration: telephone number, photo, ID (passport or identity card).


My project is special because ...

Partoom’s objective is to allow shippers to ship at lower cost and to allow travelers to monetize their travel. Partoom offers an ecological dimension by reducing the routing of traditional postal services. Each traveler and each shipper is then reviewed once the delivery is made.

The business model of Partoom is very simple: a commission of 25% of the amount of each transaction.

This is what I need backing for.

We need your support for the development of the website which will be available in 5 languages ​​(French, Italian, German, Spanish and English) and also available under Android and iOS.