An innovative concept

The school is located in Villeneuve (Switzerland) and give an education in the art of Horology.

The founding member takes care of making this
art reachable to everybody.

Therefore, the school isn’t asking for any
preriquiste. The main purposes are delivering passion, supporting and integrating people.

From 16 years old, it is possible to take the certificate courses. We also have discovery workshops for children from 6 years old.

There isn’t anythig similar in the sorroundings. Our school is getting used to its students nowadays needs. For example, we offer education by module system, interships and specializations that are adjusted to be taken during a part time job if desired.

We are paying close attention at noticing and evolving the talent of each student, whatever the past experiences are.

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In the future

Our long term project is building a campus to accomodate distant students


What is missing

To achieve this project, specialized equipement
is still needed :

  • Full equipement for 10 work spaces
  • Ergonomic seats
  • Professional workbenches
  • Machines

The Swiss Eduqua certification is in progress for the school.

The structure isn’t getting any financial grant from the state and therefore is totally independant.

We are very grateful for your help.