Our goal is to create designs that are high quality and curb the pollution caused by the textile industry.

Already in 2013, Alfonso, the designer of PATERMO, began his bachelor thesis based on a sustainable collection that focused on values such as the environment and the humans. Inspired by giving the textile industry a new direction, he wants to use his company to create a brand that sets a precedent and makes it possible to enjoy fashion without guilt.

In addition to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards) certified cotton, we also process upcycled stocks from other companies, producing exclusively in Europe to ensure fair and responsible production.

«Made in Europe» promises fair production, perfect workmanship and delivers a durable garment. Each fiber is tested for its high quality, traceable origin and responsible production. The fabric is only used if the feeling on the skin is right. The promise to you: we will only offer a garment to you if it is fairly produced and stylish.


With your support, you will help us to create a label that combines people, culture and the environment responsibly and innovatively.

PATERMO was founded in Kreuzlingen/Switzerland in August 2018 and is an homage to Alfonso’s roots, Sicily. The land his family is from and with which he associates many beautiful memories: Sicily, seven people in an old Fiat «500», on their way to the beach. Reunion with the grandmother, a small backyard - her home, in an even smaller village. Dinner with the family for hours. The wine cellar, double the size of the apartment, the smell of darkness and family celebration. The uncle with a pool, lined with palm trees and orange trees. The aunt with an oversized bathtub in shell shape, in which bathing never happened. Images that remain. Inspired by the carefree and bold sensuality of Sicilian women, Alfonso takes all courage and dares to the step into independence. His dream is to establish a brand that balances sophisticated design with sustainable action.

Each piece of clothing is named by a woman from the personal circle of Alfonso, the designer of PATERMO.

The first project is called «Mother» - a collection for women. This collection carries values that Alfonso has learned from an early age. The collection name stands for the beginning of this adventure and for the muse of his life, his mother. A proud warrior who lovingly tended, cared for and kept the family together.

In the 80s, he grew up with his fashion-loving mother. He used to spend a lot of time in boutiques regularly and watched his mother carefully choose her outfit. But he was really fascinated above all on how innovatively his mother combined the newly purchased clothes with the pieces that were already at home in her wardrobe. For hours they tried on different garments and created a variety of looks - a key experience that influenced him today.


Now you’ve got the chance to feel empowered and not only be the owner of a beautiful design, but as well name a garment from the next collection of PATERMO with your name or another inspiring woman.

With your support, you are not only helping Alfonso to fulfill his lifelong dream, but also giving him the chance to develop a brand that combines sophisticated design with flawless quality, while producing fair and sustainable. Your contribution allows to produce a higher quantity so we can offer a more attractive price for the end customer. In addition, the creation of a second collection could start, focusing on other innovative and sustainable materials.

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