Pelops is a sports project in Fribourg that plans to create a free mobile application allowing amateur athletes to meet up easily.

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The «all or nothing» principle applies: The project only receives the funds if the funding target is reached or exceeded.

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Successfully concluded on 22/3/2022

Our goal

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’d like to go out and play sports but no one is available or you don’t know where to go?

You are not alone!

Every sports fan is frequently faced with this problem. So much so that every time it happens to you, at least one other person in your vicinity is in that exact same situation.

Pelops has set itself the goal of solving this problem.

Since the summer of 2021, we have organized free sports activities open to all via Instagram and Facebook. Beach volleyball tournaments, soccer matches, crossfit training… over 20 activities that have gathered more than 500 participants. Now, it’s time to go to the next level: our application!

What is Pelops ?

Pelops is a new sports project from Fribourg that plans to release a mobile application allowing amateur athletes to gather easily.

At Pelops, whether you are a professional or a beginner is irrelevant. We focus on conditions and encounters rather than performance by offering you activities adapted to your abilities. As opposed to effort analysis and statistics applications, Pelops is interested in sports-related encounters, regardless of the outcome.

With the help of an interactive map, you see all the sports activities taking place around you at the moment. You just have to open the application, pack your things and join a match on a field or court near you.

If you’re alone, start your own activity and make it visible on the map so that other athletes can join you!

Organize yourself on a longer-term basis with the event calendar. This calendar lists all planned sports activities according to your custom filters. This way, it’s easy to find motivated people for the next two weeks!

Come and participate in various amateur tournaments open to all. Our goal: to create an optimized algorithm able to organize, create and manage the tournaments. This way, you will only have to register your team, show up and have fun. Pelops will take care of the rest.

The application is based on a Freemium system, the most used system nowadays. This means that the standard features are free to use. In addition, the application includes an optional premium version with a monthly subscription. This way you will have access to tournaments, special activities and benefits from our business partners at no extra cost…

In short, Pelops offers everyone the opportunity to practice sports at any time and in the right conditions. Playing sports has never been so accessible.

How will your support be used ?

For now, Pelops is made up of young volunteers motivated to bring the project to life. But we have reached a point where we have done everything we can do on our own. Everything has already been thought out and prepared. We just need to finalize the application. Thanks to our contacts and knowledge in the field, we were able to provide a work estimated at more than 30’000 francs without having spent more than 500!

However, our contacts and knowledge are not enough. We need the help of external professionals to complete the programming of the application and to set up our marketing strategy. Our goal is to release a first viable version at the beginning of July 2022! This way, you will be able to enjoy the summer while participating in a maximum of sports thanks to Pelops!

Concretely, our financial objectives are the following:

25’000 francs :

  • Creation of the company Pelops
  • Finalization of a first viable prototype with a planned release at the beginning of July 2022

50’000 francs :

  • Option to participate in tournaments created and organized by Pelops thanks to the implementation of an optimized algorithm
  • List of available fields and courts
  • Option to save teams and to list them in a general ranking
  • Optimization of the social network which also allows users to share photos of their activities

100’000 francs

  • Launch of a marketing strategy capable of covering the whole Swiss region in less than a year

Now we need you! Join the Pelops community by helping us finalize the project! By pre-ordering your Pelops subscription and/or buying one of our t-shirts you have the option to support our project, which we greatly appreciate. These t-shirts have been specially created by SIMILO, the young artist from Fribourg Simon Fidanza. You can find the different designs below. (The sizes are classic and unisex). For companies and other organizations there is the option to become a Pelops sponsor, which would put your logo on the loading screen of our application. You can also make an unrequited donation of an amount of your choice.

It’s time to blow the whistle! Help us create Pelops for you, the sports fans.

Pelops, amateur sport never stops