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How do we experience photographs of everyday Tanzania? What kind of expectations, perceptions, images and thoughts do we encounter while looking at these photographs? Are our ideas and perspectives based on another culture, our own experiences and encounters? Or are they mainly based on accounts, reports and images of third parties, in particular conveyed through media? Do our ideas and perspectives about other cultures and their everyday life correspond with the reality locals are facing in their respective countries?

Six locals of Mwanza challenge the visitors on their perceptions and expectations about other cultures. The photogaphers encounter present their own perceptions and own daily impressions of their daily lives, thus challenging the personal judgments of the observer.

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The exhibition will take place from April 8th to 10th in the premises of MAXIM Theater. The exhibition is open to the public for free, to make the exhibition accessible to a broad audience and all people interested.

«Art talk – Perception about Africa»

Part of the exhibition is the art talk «Perception about Africa», which will take place on April 10th in the evening. Particapants are coming from the field of art, journalism and social anthropology. The talk will be conducted with the involvement of the audience.

The exhibited photographs are the starting point of the art talk. They speak for themselves as they, no accompanying text thus allowing any interpretation possible. The focus of the exhibition talk is to take a critical look at photographs, expecially images of Africa and critically review our own ideas and perspectives.

«Your support»

  • With your support, you contribute actively to the realization of the exhibition. Your contribution will be used in particular for the development and the preparation of the photographs.
  • With your support, you enable the exhibit of photographs of six Tanzanian locals in Zurich.
  • With your support, you contribute to an active and conscious discussion on perspectives and perceptions about the African continent.