Permaculture in response to Haitians needs !

The association PERMAYITI was founded in 2009, initially under the name «Enfants de Petite-Rivière de Nippes», in order to provide emergency’s help to the kids of the eponym village. Although this help was necessary it was about time to find a sustainable solution to help the children as well as the local population on a long term basis and it is through PERMACULTURE that we found the answers to our questions. After several trainings and many weeks of research and preparation, BOOM the project was born:

PERMAYITI is a sustainable and social development project in permaculture aiming to grow food for the children of the school and offer various training courses to the population with the objective of increasing their self-sufficiency, empowering them and improving their living conditions.

As an ethical approach, permaculture gives us the keys to create sustainable and productive systems inspired by nature. It is inspired by three ethics: earth care, people care and fair share, three ethics that, in our opinion, have sometimes been neglected in the humanitarian actions that Haiti has benefited from.

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My project is special because ...

Currently having three plots with a total surface area of ​​6260 m2, we wish to settle down on site in November 2018. We will develop a micro-farm which available space will be dedicated to intensive gardening, the creation of a garden-forest and an educational vegetable garden in respect of the principles and ethics of permaculture.

Our missions?

  1. Growing organic fruits and vegetables in permaculture in order to serve a daily meal to the fifty children attending school.

  2. Offering theoretical and practical training courses for school children and the population of Petite-Rivière de Nippes about permaculture: organic fruits and vegetables production, water and energy management (LEDsafari), waste management, non-violent communication (NVC), «Rocket Stove» building (kitchen) and ecological hurricanes and earthquakes proof houses («Superadobe»).

  3. Participating in the organization of the local economy of Petite-Rivière de Nippes by promoting artisans, short food circuits and increasing self-sufficiency.

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This is what I need backing for.

In order to be able to carry out this project and start developing it as of November 2018, we set the objective of raising funds up to 148’000 CHF corresponding to the first 3 years of activity.

During this campaign, we would like to ask for your generosity to raise CHF 15’000 which will contribute to:

  • Hire and train people during the three years of operation (6600 CHF)
  • Purchase tools and equipment for the launch of the farm that will contribute to the production of food for the children of the school and offer training: grelinettes, precision seeders, simple irrigation system, planting equipment, tools, seeds, fence, etc. (5100 CHF)

Any additional funds raised will allow us to: build our habitat all while teaching and organizing workshops with the population, remunerate the teachers (who are currently volunteering), purchase school supplies, create the permaculture structure (market gardening and pedagogical garden, garden-forest) and offer different kinds of free trainings.

Finally, supporting this project will also: boost the local economy and eco-tourism, encourage training, reduce rural exodus, reduce impacts following climate events, inspire other places, projects and craftsmen but above all, give concrete means to children and the population to provide for their needs and giving them keys for the future.

In advance we thank you from the bottom of our heart for your participation and your support in this project which is really important to us and which, we are convinced, can have a real and sustainable impact.

«The earth turns to gold in the hands of the wise.» Rumi

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