Peter Finc EP «It's Just A Bad Hair Day»

by Peter Finc


Music from me to you. With your support it will be our creation. Get rewarded with signed EPs, guitar lessons or a private gig for example...

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The Project

My newest creation will be the EP «It’s Just A Bad Hair Day» with 6 songs. With a globetrotter feeling and an traditional swiss instrument appearance. I used the Ukulele for the first time. With the radio single «Please Don’t Go» I’ll take you on a trip from Hawaii to South America. On «Undone 2013» you’ll hear the wonderful Hackbrett from Valais. «It’s A Bad Hair Day» will be a colorful EP with lust for life despite all difficult times.

The production of the EP is in progress. My songs sound fresh with Rodrigo Aravena on bass, Ephraim Salmann on Hackbrett and percussion and the wonderful Carmen Bayard on backing vocals.

Who am I

I’m a independent artist with an own lable «Don’t Ask Why Records». I would call my sound «guitar music». I like to mix different styles. I released my debut album «About Light And Stuff» 2007. I was on tour in Switzerland, Germany, Grenada and Australia. 2010 was the release of my second album «Musicblessness». 2012 I produced an album with my friend Daniel Fuhrer with our duo «Magic Thursday».

Who I played with

I played with several great artist as guitarist, drummer, bass player and vocalist: Max Lässer, William White, Freda Goodlett, Linard Bardill, Baum, Jeff Siegrist and more…

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Support the making of my new EP and get rewarded with signed CD’s, guitar lessons, solo or band gigs…