Do you like Japan? Do you like cards or magic? Do you like graphic design? Or simply enjoy small independent projects? Then this card game is for you!

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What is the project?

Welcome to my project! I invite you to discover the genesis of my idea: the creation, production and marketing of a pack of cards on the theme of Japan. Inspired by the work of a graphic designer called BALO, I embarked on a year-long project to give a new dimension to traditional card games. The main aim of my project was to have fun while exploring the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and learning how to manage every aspect of a product’s life cycle.

This project encompasses a multitude of aspects, from project management to distribution. I carried out extensive research to understand the traditions, history and symbolism of Japanese culture, which I incorporated into every element of the game. Despite constraints such as lack of time and production challenges, this project represents an in-depth exploration of the entrepreneurial process, Japanese culture and design.

What is the product?

The product is a 55-card poker deck with a Japanese theme. Each figure represents a historical figure and a cultural symbol, all with visual elements linked to Japanese culture and history.

The cards were drawn from sketches, then vectorised using Adobe Illustrator. The graphic style used is in harmony with the simplicity and balance characteristic of the Japanese ’style’. The colours are inspired by Japanese culture, with contrasting bright red and dark blue. The ace signs (spades, diamonds, etc.) are customised to match the theme, while retaining the traditional design of French packs of cards. The box also contains an explanatory leaflet for those who are curious.

The card game is produced in collaboration with Make Playing Cards, a company based in Hong Kong. It specialises in creating customised decks of cards, offering options such as the choice of paper, the finish of the cards, the different elements in the box, etc. The deck is made from high-quality paper, with a layer of black linen between the two sides of the cards to prevent transparency. Each card is printed in full colour with a BETA finish, making it more resistant and easier to handle.

How do I buy the product?

To get the Japanese pack of cards, you need to back this project on Wemakeit. The pack of cards is offered as a quid pro quo for contributors. Here are the steps to follow to place your order:

To start, simply click on the «support» button.

Choose a counterparty such as the deck of cards and indicate the number of products.

Follow the instructions to finalise your contribution. You will need to enter your payment details and provide your delivery details (these details will only be visible to Wemakeit).

Once your contribution has been validated, you will receive confirmation by e-mail.

You will then receive updates by e-mail or on Wemakeit regarding the progress of the campaign.

If the Wemakeit campaign reaches its target, you will receive an update on production and the order.

In terms of delivery, the campaign ends on 7 July 2024. Products will be ordered after this date, and shipped to you around 20 or 24 July. You will receive more information along the way.

I can be reached for any questions about Wemakeit by message, on my networks (insta, tiktok, etc…) or by E-Mail at this address:

PS : If shops/companies are interested in buying to resell, I am open to discussion by E-Mail.