POCO for Zero Waste

POCO is a B2B Network and P2P Marketplace based on an intelligent domain specific knowledge graph. It will support the newly growing Zero Waste community to combine their orders and reduce their individual efforts for product sourcing, so their way of providing food environment-friendly could become a stronger force in the market.

Food producers could directly work with ZeroWaste Shop Owners.

As consumers we would benefit from up to date information where to buy and order.

So we reach out to you. Help us start and support us, join the movement to reduce plastic and save the Planet.

Based on Technology

Many individuals do important work in small groups to improve our behavior towards the environment, but their work remains undetected or collaboration across communities is difficult. We try to use technology (knowlegde graph) to close this bridge.

Technology needs Development

Founding will be used to develop the knowledge graph with the associated interface. Marketing and the operation are financed by POCO. Later we hope to generate sales for operation and services.