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This is what it's all about.

Poesia e….📚 - is modern poetry that fits into today’s world. In six languages.

With this project I want to test the effectiveness of poems for conveying important messages and to make my contribution to more cultural openness, innovation and creativity in Switzerland.

Poesia e…📚 is a trilogy.

Part 1: Poesia & Vino - Topic: Man and nature

Teil 2: Poesía & Agua - Topic: Perspectives on science

Teil 3: Poésie & Cafè - Topic: The future of work

My project is special because ...

Are you drown in the information flood and suffering from the surrounding multimedia overload? Would you prefer media that transport messages in an effective but non invasive way and inspire you?

This is what Poesia e… 📚is about.

This is what I need backing for.

A project dealing with three objects and six languages at the same time, means a huge effort regarding the research, creation and management of contents and illustrations. Furthermore native language speakers are required as proofreaders and the publication of the three parts of the trilogy is expensive.

I am thankful for any of your support and hope I will be able to bring this huge and important project to a successful end.

The special thank-you rewards are meant to inspire you.

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