The travel agency that offers a new way of travelling deep into the culture.

«Overcrowded locations, social disparities, visits close to voyeurism….» This is the tourism you don’t want anymore…. PoggyTravel is the solution.

Our mission is to develop a new form of tourism, made out of solidarity and closer to the countries reality.

We are offering to Europeans who are passionate about discover other cultures and who like to share, a trip deep into foreign cultures. We are carefully doing a matchmaking between future travellers and local inhabitants who would like to visit their own country in order to discover a new culture.

PoggyTravel is defined by three values : unique, sustainable and authentic.

Why unique ? Because we offer to our customer a simple and safe way to find a travel buddy. Not to be mistaken with a guide, they are travelling together, equal to equal.

Sustainable ? Thanks to our customer, the local is finally able to visit is own country. Yes ! when the customer pays for the trip, included in the price there is an amount destined to help finance the local’s trip.

And authentic ? The travel buddy will help to Europeans to go over the cultural boarders and understand roots of a culture as he is travelling deep into the culture there.

You can understand the concept behind the project with this video :


Now we need you !

We havebeen working very hard for the last 6 months. We interrogated people in the streets, we have studied the market because we wanted to understand what are your needs. We integrated all of your feedback into the product that we are proud to say, « we created together». Now more than ever we need you as we are about to test the concept in real life.

Our first product is going to be in Indonesia. We need to go there and follow our first customers to get their direct insights, we are also meeting partners and we need to hire someone there. Therefore weare launching this crowdfunding campaign today.

The Team

This project is a collaboration between 4 students from diverse fields. Thanks to the support of the HES-SO and CTI that we started to visualize this idea not only as a dream but a real possibility to help.

Aline Terrier, tourism student, is the start of this beautiful project. As she first visited Indonesia, she fell in love with the country and its culture. She also benefits from a wide range of contacts there. It was then an evidence that we were going to test first the product there.

Cecile Poffet also studies tourism. She remembers the first time Aline told her about the idea and she directly felt implicated. It was obvious then obvious she wanted to join this crazy adventure, that completely corresponds with her values.

Vincent Métroz, studies economics. He is always travelling back and forth from Switzerland to Germany. When he travels, he likes to feel as if «he was living there»- Always ready to laugh, he takes care of the very serious financial aspects of the project. He is also the one bringing Aline back on earth sometime.

Stéphane Dierickx is student in food engineering. He is passionate about languages and sciences. In love with travelling, he visited a lot of countries in Europe and is ready to discover the rest of the world.

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Our Vision

The four of us are having the same vision. We want to offer a simple solution in order to build and sustainable tourism, culture-friendly. Through this initiative, we are opening a door to international help between private individuals. Not only is the travellers are part of a bigger cause, but they will also be able to experience an amazing trip. We want to say someday that we participate and with all the PoggyCommunity to narrow the gap between North and South.

If the product looks like that today it is thanks to YOU, thanks to all the feedback and advice and ideas we got from you. So don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question, feeling, impression you want to share.