Polar Circles’ second album in the UK!

After the release of a first album and two years of playing numerous gigs, it is time for us to move up a gear!

Our project? Flying to Oxford in order to record our second album with British producer Sam Williams, who has worked with major bands such as Supergrass, The Go! Team, Gaz Coombes, The Noisettes, or Plan B.

England, with its long-standing rock history, is the dream of every band in the world. For us, now, it is just a few miles away!

To make this project concrete, we need your help : out of a total budget of CHF 40’000, it would be more than awesome to get CHF 15’000 through your support!

Keep calm and support Polar Circles!

How will the project be undertaken?

  • We are currently in the composition and arrangement process, working on the songs for this future record.
  • In the month of August, we’re going to fly to Oxford for a 1-month period in order to record our album with British producer Sam Williams in studio.
  • In the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, we are going to focus on the mixing, the mastering and the artwork of the LP.
  • From summer 2017, we’ll be launching a promotional campaign in order to release the album in September, in CD, vinyl and digital.

How are we going to fund this project and why do we need you?

Out of a budget of CHF 40’000, this project will be funded in three different ways :

  • Own funds, money that the band made by selling albums and playing gigs.
  • Public subsidies.
  • Crowdfunding on Wemakeit.

We need your help to achieve this project!

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