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The Fool's Waltz

Film, Community, and Art


The Fool's Waltz

by Miriam Ernst and Stefano Bertacchini

A documentary about the poetic and creative power of the clown, about the freedom of fools and their subversive impact.

87 %
CHF 13’126
2 days to go
A seat in the waiting room

Film and Community


A seat in the waiting room

by Rahel Jenny Egger

Our interactive short film is dedicated to capture the repetitive, often stressful and powerless everyday life of asylum seekers in Swiss camps.

102 %
CHF 4’095
39 hours to go
Echoes of Identity

Film and Community

Bern and Accra

Echoes of Identity

by ninagracey

A documentary film about my journey to Ghana in search of my roots.

206 %
CHF 3’094
4 days to go
"Le goût des choses"

Film, agriculture, and Environment


«Le goût des choses»

by Alain Wirth / Productions du quartier

Ce documentaire suit, durant un an, le travail agroécologique des maraîchers de Praz Bonjour, exploitation située au-dessus de Vevey. Les fonds sont recherchés pour la postproduction du film.

43 %
CHF 13’110
12 days to go
Lolā - premier album

Film and Music


À la frontière entre indie, folk et pop, 12 titres enregistrés, mixés et masterisés en studio. Aidez-moi à donner vie à mon premier album !

101 %
CHF 8’101
16 days to go
Life without barriers.

Film, Politics, and Community

Fribourg, Zürich, and Saint Moritz

Life without barriers.

by Janine Piguet

Through the life of Beatrice Renz, figure skater, writer and activist, this film looks at the inclusion of people with disabilities in 1980, in the 2000s and in 2024 in Switzerland.

84 %
CHF 12’646
20 days to go

Food, Film, and Festival

Zürich, Bremgarten, and Arosa


by sedonjamoll

Wolkenleer erzählt die Geschichte einer älteren Dame, die an Demenz leidet. Mit Hilfe ihrer Enkelin, durch Genuss vertrauter Gerichte und Sinneserfahrungen, erinnert sie sich an vergangene Zeiten.

102 %
CHF 5’765
3 days to go
Travelmovie "keep going"

Publishing, Film, and Tourism

St. Gallen

A rollover accident, prison, car-breakdowns and a pregnancy - there were a number of setbacks on our trip around the world. We «kept going» - physically and mentally. Find out how in our travelmovie.