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postcARTs from Salzburg provides a platform for creative minds who want to contribute to a diverse Salzburg. 6 submissions to our open call will be printed on postcards to be sent all over the world.

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«Why postcards?»

The world’s first postcard was published in Austria-Hungary in 1869. The A6 rectangular card presents not only a means of correspondence whose size has remained largely unchanged until the present day, but also an art medium. postcARTs from Salzburg addresses the image of Salzburg via this enduring form.

«The idea – A creative platform»

The project, which formed in the seminar «Speaking and Writing about Art in English» as part of the study focus area Cultural Production and Arts Management at the University of Salzburg in cooperation with University Mozarteum in early November 2016, began with a two-week open call for ideas. postcARTs from Salzburg provides a platform for creative minds who want to contribute to a diverse Salzburg. The open call intentionally did not specify how submissions had to relate to Salzburg, as we were curious about what people would send.

«postcARTs from Salzburg – to the world!»

From the 96 submissions, we selected 6 motifs. Each motif will be printed in an edition of 1,000 on the front of a postcard while the back will leave a space for a message and also contain a link to information about the artist and their website. The total of 6,000 postcards will be available throughout the city of Salzburg for people to send all over the world. The series of 6 postcards and brief information about the artists will be presented at an exhibition starting on January 19, 2017 at the «enter:» exhibition space in the Kunstquartier, Bergstrasse 12, Salzburg.

Please support us!

Since this is a project organised by students and our budget is very limited, we would truly appreciate your financial support!
Not only for printing flyers and posters as advertisement for our open call, but most important: We have to get the postcARTs printed!
For the exhibition we also need various presentation materials, which leads to additional costs.
The idea of our project is to spread different people’s art and their «personal Salzburg» to the world – to contribute to the cultural and artistic diversity of this beautiful city that is so well known for its Festival. postcARTs from Salzburg provides six very different perspectives from six very different people…. or maybe they are not so different at all?

Who are «we»?

So, after all of this: Who are «we»?
We are Carina, Julija, Katharina, Manuela, Verena and Victoria. Our small group met during the course mentioned above at the department of Arts&Humanities at the University of Salzburg. We are from different backgrounds within the art field, and decided to realize a project that combines all of our interests and educational backgrounds. Starting from the question of access to art, the idea of «postcARTs from Salzburg» was born.