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Hello my sweet backers!

I know it’s been a while since we haven’t given you any news.
Well here's some!

The record is starting it’s mixing stage as we’re done fixing and overdubbing it.
We're aiming for a release date in the area of January / Febuary.

But in the meantime for your entertainment and listening pleasure, we'll be playing a couple shows in towns near you!

10 October -> Bikini Test; La Chaux De Fonds
11 October -> Bar King; Neuchâtel

31.October -> Royal; Baden
01 November -> Chrämerhuus; Langenthal

05 December -> Dachstock; Bern
06 December -> L'écurie; Geneva
08 December -> Boschbar; Zurich
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Hi, this is our first comment. We are going to be leaving more comments, actually really cool comments. But we had to start somewhere, check back here for more updates!