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Berna, Neuchâtel e Zurigo

Come N’ Go’s 4th and new album! After numerous successful concerts the last few years, we’ve decided to go for it one more time, just for you!

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Vale il principio del «Tutto o Niente»: la somma raccolta verrà corrisposta al progetto, solo se esso avrà raggiunto o superato l’obiettivo di finanziamento.

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About the project

The Come N’ Go, one of Switzerland’s wildest live bands, would like to create and release their fourth LP. After three albums on the legendary Voodoo Rhythm records, and hundreds of concerts, the band is ready to embark onto a recording like they have never made before. And we need you help to do so.

The recording will be done during June 20th til 29th at Zi Jin Cheng Studios in Colombier, Neuchâtel. The production will be under the sonic supervision of Roy and the Devil Motorcycle’s one and only Markus Staehli. Rather than bringing a load of over-rehearsed material to the studio, The Come N’ Go plan on writing their new music «on the spot» at the studio trying to capture the raw edge of their music in it’s earliest of creation. Though this is quite unheard of in these days we believe that this is where the fire of our music resides.

The recording, mixing and mastering of this project will take lots of time, patience and brain power. We have very talented friends working on this project at a reduced price but we will still need to gather the funding to do so. And for this we need your full support.

Who are we?

A gang of friends who started playing in there parents basement in the early 2000s. Today, we still play the same furious «Garage-Blues-Punk» with the same nonchalence and pissed off rage as when we were at age 15.

Band members wheeling in and out of different bands such as The Nuggers, The Shit, The Licks, Roy and the Devil Motorcycle, 20 Miles, Reverend Beatman, Damo Suzuki, The Miracle Workers and many other amazing bands…

  • Marina Bräm - Drums
  • Robert «Panti Christ» Butler - Bass
  • Franz Hausammann - Guitar
  • Philip Hofer - Guitar
  • Alain Perret Gentil - Vocals

What do I get?

We have a few cool categories of gifts to offer you. For sure our recording is our main gift, either in digital or in form of a vinyl LP. Plus there are cool shirts, posters, even Romanian alcohol*! Just choose one of the categories that fits your budget. We are planning to release the record 25th of December, 2014 if everything goes right on schedule. We will keep you informed of any updates or changes as they develop. Thanks again for supporting our project.

Stay tuned to our facebook as we will be bringing you minute by minute updates and teasers!!!

(*The home made old fashion Romanian schnaps may not ship to foreign countries)