What is Raising Hands all about?

«Raising Hands» is about implementing a project that is impossible for an individual. However, it is achievable through collaboration and support from many.

Specifically: Together, we want to create a sculpture of reaching hands, made out of a million one-cent coins. The artwork consists of 52 plate parts, which are made together at various events in Vienna.

You can participate in the entire process:

  • Step 1 The financing: Together many individual contributions will make the project possible. Coexistence is a basic idea of the project.
  • Step 2 The implementation: Each person can contribute, we are happy about every helping hand. No matter in which way!
  • Step 3 The project completion: After assembling the panels, the artwork will be set up and presented in public space.
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Here's why you should support our project!

CREATE. Together we create a sense of togetherness and unity. The hand sculpture will clearly show this. Every contribution counts. No matter in what way. TOGETHER. Participation and the idea of solidarity are the focal points. Raising Hands works on the principle of inclusion - everyone is invited to join the community. Raising Hands stands for cohesion in society - together we are so much stronger! the

IMPOSSIBLE. An individual takes two years to implement this project. 2.3 tons of coins are an incredible sum for one person alone. Together we can achieve the supposedly impossible! Cohesion in the community gives us the best results and a positive sense of community.

Do you care about strengthening the community and social unity? Then give us your hand and support the project. With your help we can do it!


Our goal is to make a positive contribution to our society through a collaborative work of art.

It’s the little things in life that cause positive emotions: the friendly smile of a stranger, the teen who offers the retiree his seat, someone who helps strangers carry heavy bags, … That’s exactly what we want to recall. Together we create a sculpture of reaching hands. That’s our goal!

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If the financing is successful, the project implementation starts. Since we value transparency and fairness you see here the costs broken down in%:

Planning phase 22.85% implementation & support 16.88% material & construction 17.08% printing costs / advertising 2.98% photo documentation 4.97% marketing 11.92% transports 11.92% div. Small items 5.76% goodies 5, 64%


Are you curious, sincere, sociable? Are you open for new things and spontaneous? Do you care about a good community, the we-feeling and the cohesion? If only one of these qualities applies to you, you are in perfect companionship here with Raising Hands!

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