Who are we?

RANDOM GOD is a folk-garage-rock duo born with the first full moon after the end of the Mayan calendar. That was around Geneva in February 2013 and that was also the time we got to know each other. We are Julien Zumkehr on drums/vocals/guitar (ex FARGO, ex Chatterton) and Tiziano Stroppini on guitar/vocals and harmonica (ex NOEN, VIZ, Nail Eaters).

Since that night, every night, when Random God comes out for a prayer, all sort of living and supernatural creatures invite themselves too. John, the wild boar sits on his rocking chair, smokes in his pipe in the shade of the light and dreams of deserted plains. Jeff and Jim, angels of rock and roll, float drunk above the amplifiers and Cynthia, the siren starts her belly dance. Random God is happening now, take your chance to believe.

«Happy Meal» (music and video by Random God, filmed by Jun Millet, December 2013).

Our band is a Do It Yourself project, and we like that. We love to mess around with recording and mixing from mobile phones to the most sofisticated recording techniques. We love experimentation, for example we found pretty cool the sound of a set of keys on the table and we used it as a percussion on our single Paper Plane, everything rigorously in the kitchen sipping a delicious caffè grappa.

We also take care of all of our artworks (pictures, stickers, posters, website, booklets…).

Come to see our next explosive show and recharge your rock battery power with us.

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What are we doing?

This year we had the chance to play at the Montreux Jazz Festival, les Hivernales, Balelec and many more.

We recorded our first EP called «Birds and Miracles» (available on iTunes) over the summer 2013, at our rehearsal room where we also proudly shot our first video completely «fait maison». Our second EP «Highway Hypnosis» has been freshly recorded by André Horstmann in Germany and will be mastered by somebody called Howie Weinberg in LA (Nirvana, Tom Waits, Pixies, Beastie Boys, Herbie Hancock…).

Everything will be available on January 30th 2015!

Listen to the title track here : https://randomgod.bandcamp.com

We paid the new EP recording and mixing expenses. Now we need your financial support for the essential final steps to make it even cooler with mastering and to keep it alive with manufacturing and promotion.

Why helping us ?

The advantage of independent bands, like we are, is artistic freedom, but this kind of freedom involves to take care of extra-musical stuff like booking, management, video, artwork, CD manufacturing which are time and money consuming. At the same time we are completely free to explore whatever we think is cool. Financial support helps us to focus on music itself and keeps the band playing.

What you get?

You’ll get our new EP «Highway Hypnosis» on CD or vinyl specially dedicated for you, our first EP «Birds and Miracles», hand-written lyrics and a huge thank you.

You’ll meet the band for a cup of tea or a meal after the show, enjoy gigs for free or meet us during rehearsals to listen or even jam.

Your name will be mentioned in our booklet.

For the most generous of you, we’ll play a private acoustic showcase or an exclusive live show at your place.

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