Random Precision

by Crane


A harmonic retro-pop concept album that blends together «feel good» experimental blues rock and pop, resulting in a coincidentally precise amalgamation of 11 great songs. Have a listen!

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Successfully concluded on 14/9/2013

What is our project about?

Crane first started out with two guys who both had a genuine love of music. It was, and is, our «joie de vivre»! Through the combination of blues, rock, and alternative music genres, now, we’re working hard on making a vibrant contemporary album that properly showcases our artistic abilities as well as our REAL passion for all around good music.

Random Precision is an album that came about with the idea that «good music can come together with no blueprint as a guide». If it’s good, it’s good and needs no showcase or fanfare.

Why should you back us?

The answer is simple: we need your support. Our aim is to put forward something we’re proud of, an «artistic revelation» if you will. And, who better judge is there than the very public we’re catering to? If you think our music is good, and you’d like to be a part of its realization then here’s your chance. We’d really appreciate it.

What will you get?

You’ll get the comfort of knowing you helped two artists realize their dream! That’s a joke (but only partially). No but seriously, you’ll get some great items. From t-shirts to signed albums, to even a private acoustic gig (with yours truly of course). The details are found in the green box to your right. Don’t hesitate to make your mark support the arts!