Rañute - For Women, Period.

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The only store where women will find everything they need for their ovarian cycle, a place to look, touch and receive advice. Help us finance our 1st Pop-Up concept store!

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Our Project - First shop in Switzerland

What if women could find, in one single place, everything they need before, during and after menstruation? A store that puts forward products that are better for our bodies and better for our planet. A welcoming, friendly, and fun environment dedicated purely to the female body.


Women use an average of 11,000 tampons in their lifetime. Unlike cosmetic products, manufactures of tampons and pads are not required by the law to display their ingredients. According to a variety of sources, including Anses, tampons contain dangerous chemicals for our body including pesticides that have been banned in Europe since 2000. Amongst pesticides, we can find carcinogens, chlorine, and various hormone disrupting chemicals. Isn’t it time that these products respect women’s health?


We wish to see the day when women no longer feel embarrassed or ashamed about their ovarian cycle. That’s why at Rañute we offer a wide range of products combined with an educational mission to offer women the choice of alternative solutions and provide them with answers!


Rañute is a place where all people with an ovary can ask for advice, test our underwear, participate in workshops and information sessions on women’s cycles. A variety of products available that come with our instructions on how to use them!


Rañute offers products from recognised brands that meet precise specifications in terms of ecological and social impact.

You will be able to find there:

  • Panties and swimsuits for menstrual periods
  • Urinary leak underwear
  • Washable pads
  • Menstrual Cups
  • Disposable and ecological panty liners and towels
  • Cleaning products for cups
  • Cosmetics such as deodorants
  • Herbal teas
  • Books
  • Perineum rehabilitation equipment
  • Stand-up urinary equipment

For Women, Period.

One thing is obvious - Finding a wide range of products dedicated to our female bodies in one single place does not yet exist. Nor do we have access to information and advice from professionals adapted to our needs.

More than 50% of the world’s population menstruates, has menstruated or is about to menstruate, and yet everything related to feminine hygiene remains a taboo subject.

Today women run from one place to another, from one shop to another based on the advice of a friend, mother or sister to find the right solution.

There are no sales advice in the pharmacy, supermarket or underwear stores, and let us be honest, inserting a menstrual cup for the first time is not an easy task. It is a serious moment of loneliness, especially since we are not sure which size to buy in the first place and finding the perfect fit is quite a challenge. We haven’t even gotten to the part of removing the cup..

Rañute will help women talk about the topics that touch each and everyone one of us, and that we will all experience in one way or another during our lives; urinary leakage, perineal rehabilitation, menopause, premenstrual syndrome, heavy flow, endometriosis…


For any purchase, a donation of 2 CHF will be offered to people that cannot afford feminine products. We will work with non-profit and local associations to ensure that ALL women have access to the products they need.

This is what we need backing for.

Our objective is to achieve CHF30’000.- and we are going to go step by step. When we reach CHF10’000.- we will aim for the next objective, a bit like dominos. Help us reach the top!

🆙 We need CHF10’000.- to prepare the shop with recycled materials and purchase our first stock.

⏭ We need CHF20’000.- to develop our website, branding, pay rent and trainings.

🏋 We need CHF30’000.- to create more partnerships with more retailers and to provide you with more product options and workshops!

Your support will be used to provide women with a welcome, a listening ear and a simple service around their periods, urinary leaks and other perineal problems.

More specifically, this fundraising will help us to build our initial stock and set up our first physical point of sale, expected to be in Renens.