Normalizing cultural understanding one story at a time.

Raw Culture aims to improve and normalize cultural understanding for people in our world today 🌍.

We are starting from third cultural kids (tck).

As a tck, you often have the struggle of feeling lost and having no sense of true belonging. This is due to growing up in different cultures or constantly having had to travel to somewhere new every few years or even months.

For this reason, Raw Culture is building a mobile application for third culture kids from all over the world, which they can use to connect to other tck’s and share and also improve their cultural understanding through storytelling.

It will be a platform and space for people of all races and ethnicities to share their culture, customs, and traditions with one another.

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What happens with your support?

  • You directly help Raw Culture in building the application and making this idea become a reality 🔆.
  • You are an action-taker by helping create a more inclusive and culturally aware society 💪.
  • You help cultural understanding become accessible and its’ way on normalizing it in our much needed global society 🗺.
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What I need your help on.

  • Support for building the Raw Culture application 💪

I am planning to build a mobile application that enables third culture kids to meet and also to exchange their cultural experiences and stories with one another!

The intention is to not only provide a community and platform for third culture kids to connect with one another but as well as to highlight the strengths of being a third culture kid, where their multiculturality allows them to share their diverse cultural experiences and insights in stories, which helps in increasing their and our cultural awareness and understanding in our world today!

Let us create a more inclusive and culturally aware society through one story and a strong community at a time !

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