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What is Kathy Jane?

Kathy Jane is an upcoming designer based in Zurich, she has been a fashion collector, designing for friends and family for some time and loves to share her unique gifted designs with you all.

It’s not going to work out without your support, to achieve this talent. I need your assistance!

Showing off your clothing line can be one exiting moment of a designer’s life. Kathy Jane design is a combination of elegance and culture. And this two combination, is Kathy Jane line which is used as a symbol of cultural translator.

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Why do I need your support?

By supporting this, you are supporting a showcase of fashion work and continued awareness of an artist. And not only that: You are helping in fulfilling my dream as an artist.

In years to come, Kathy Jane will introduce beautiful eco-friendly Raffia for its designs.

What I need

  • Advertisement: CHF 1’000
  • Prototype: CHF 4’000
  • Total: CHF 5’000