Last chance to support one of the coolest offspaces in Zurich! 48 artists on 4 weekends in Perla-Mode. Only one thing missing: YOU! Support the performance & art festival REALITY CHECK.

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FRICTION presents: the first performance & art festival in Perla-Mode. April 2013. REALITY CHECK!

In April, FRICTION transforms the independent artspace Perla-Mode into a place between art and reality. Everything will be possible. What is a game? What is art? What is reality? We perform the REALITY CHECK and ask whether art can become reality and how reality becomes art. To tackle these questions, we have invited 48 artists to show their work in Perla-Mode.

What to expect

FRICTION is interested in projects, that are encounters between the artist and the visitor and allow for the unexpected to happen. The festival REALITY CHECK focuses on interdisciplinary projects, that position themselves on the edge of fiction and reality.

Here are some of the artists you can discover, support and see in April in Perla-Mode:

  • Lucy Marthaler
  • Grüter & Graf
  • Ida Sons und Myriam de Wurstemberger
  • Seline Fülscher und Iris Brugger
  • Lara Stoll
  • Dominik Wolfinger
  • Jonathan Bruckmeier & Patrick Slanzi
  • Denis Handschin
  • Andrea Rickhaus
  • Magdalena Baranya
  • Nele Stuhler
  • Tilde und Felix von Overbeck
  • Jeff Rossi
  • Balthasar Bosshard
  • Nicolas Frey
  • Karen Packebusch
  • Natalia Wespi und Linda Neukirchen
  • Hannes Sturzenegger
  • Katherine Patino
  • Kriese/Grimmer/Walther
  • Thomas Ospelt
  • Joel Singh
  • Jan-Eric Mack
  • Sebastian Marbacher
  • Mikki Levy-Strasser
  • Delia Keller
  • Thea Rinderli & Liliane Koch
  • Olivia Wiederkehr
  • Aleksandra Pavlovic & Boris Gusic
  • Band «One of them»
  • and more…

How you make REALITY CHECK happen!

It requires a lot of work to offer so many artists the space and opportunity to perform and exhibit. We are working for free to make this festival a reality, and so are the artists.

Even an underground festival cannot come to life without some money though. Your support will go towards the infrastructure in Perla-Mode (electronics, tools, etc.), promotion of the festival and artists (printing flyers, posters, etc.) and other material. Support us and the artists to make this festival happen.

Make your wishes a REALITY

Would you like an invitation to our exclusive gala dinner? Or have you always wanted someone to draw your portrait? How about receiving a recording of a unique song with a topic and/or style by your choice?

We make your dreams a REALITY!