Still many kids in Cape Town do not have the opportunity to go to school. Now, the Department of Education is even threatening Zama Educare to shut down the school due to not enough classrooms.

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More space for Zama educare

Irina, the founder of Saam Education, has been volunteering in a school in Dunoon in 2018. She got to experience the rather bad infrastructure and the poor financial situation of the schools. During her stay, she also met Thulani, the principal of Zama Educare. Zama is taking care of almost 50 children a day. However, there is not enough space to allow any more kids to visit the school as the Department of Education has threatened Thulani to close the school, if she does not find a way to expand the number of classrooms.

We cannot let that happen! The goal of the reconstruction project is to fulfill all the necessary requirements for the official school registration at the city of Cape Town. This is the only way for Thulani to receive any financial support from the government.

Personal experience as inspiration

The right to education, water, and sanitation are considered basic rights available for every kid worldwide. Unfortunately, the reality in Dunoon is quite different! Too many kids are still spending their day playing on the street instead of being at school, hence, the schools are not able to create a supportive learning environment. This is where we as Saam Education get involved! Together with the principals we plan and realize infrastructure projects. Hereby, we aim to create a child-friendly environment that positively influences the learning process of the kids. Irina tries to visit the schools as often as possible and is in constant contact with the principals.

This is why we need your help

A reconstruction project includes a lot of planning and an exact cost calculation. From previous projects we have learned to plan more budget, as there are often additional costs occurring during the process. As we are still a small foundation, we are struggling to get financial support from large corporates. However, we believe that with your help we can realize this project!