What is it about?

Three people aged 20, 50 and 65, spend their weekend in a remote hotel in the Alps. They have in common that they are all living with HIV.

In just 30 years after the discovery of HIV, RED AND GREEN (2013) charts the circumstances, emotions and the intense political milieu that has brought this disease to the forefront of global health-care concerns.

Despite the successful treatment of HIV nowadays, the core problem lies in society’s forgetfulness that it is indeed a chronic disease- psychologically, emotionally, and physically. For this reason, HIV is a special case, lying between the gulf of treatment and survival, RED AND GREEN (2013) offers intimate insight, experience and education about survival and courage.

Why do we need your support?

RED AND GREEN is a documentary film exploring the deep psychological and medical background of HIV/AIDS from various perspectives. It is an emotional journey leading to a deeper understanding of people living with the virus. People with HIV speak for themselves. The usual clichés are absent, sex and crime have little space. Moreover, this film has been created independently from the «HIV/AIDS establishment».

These are at the one hand, the projects strong points, on the other hand, they made its funding probably more difficult - together with the fact that HIV/AIDS is no longer on the headlines. From a total budget of 160’000 Swiss Francs, a deficit of 40’000 Swiss Francs remains. We hope to fill at least half of that gap by this crowdfunding.

It is important to us to publish our film as broadly as possible. Apart from the Swiss German original, there are also English and German versions available. Your contribution will also help us to produce DVD’s which we had to postpone for budget reasons. By supporting our project you are very much contributing to a modern and alternative way of solidarity with people living with HIV/AIDS.

We are very thankful for every support.

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