Reflections2020 music video

by ensemble freymut


How has 2020 changed our view of the world? An art project in which baroque music, acting and visual media come together and provide viewers with both a wake-up call and strength for the future.

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Successfully concluded on 21/1/2021

2020 – an extraordinary year

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. Especially in times like these, however, preserving the arts is necessary, as they provide us with perspective, support us and enable communication. They also teach us humanity and bring us closer together.

It was important to us to stay active in these times and show how artists and the cultural scene at large are doing at the moment. That’s why we created the video. For the first time ever, we present our music visually and thereby bring baroque music to the present.

Because if live isn’t possible – we go digital!

Light and shadow

François Couperin’s music has been part of our repertoire since the beginning of 2020. It’s been of great mental support to us throughout this year.

The piece we selected is multifaceted and symbolises this year for us. The visuals confront us with truths and unsettle us, but equally radiate peace and reward us with pleasant moments, too. Light and shadow are in direct contrast.

All this is captivated by Couperin’s music and impressively presented by actor Florian-Raphael Schwarz and our violist Maria Danneberg.

(you can find the audio file of the piece at the bottom of the page under «further information»)

Now it’s your turn!

We need your support to cover costs for materials, rental fees and transportation costs, as well as to pay all members of our crew fairly.

We would like to say a heartfelt thank you for your support in advance! Come visit us on facebook!

We will present you the finished music video at the end of the campaign - see you at the online release party!