The project is an act of empowerment. The vision is to create a TV station, which is designed by refugees in cooperation with a German/Austrian film team.

The reporters of came to Europe as refugees. Amongst the refugees coming to Europe there are many skilled labourers like filmmakers, journalists and cameramen. Many refugees had to flee their home country because they put the spotlight on problems and injustices surrounding them. provides them a platform to continue their passionate work. will produce reports for people who wish a change in the perspective of the current coverage. Instead of crisis we will search for opportunity. We will put the spotlight on the all engulfing fear and highlight that the «others» can as well enrich. Our films will build bridges and tear down fences, without fear but joy of life.

The team

The center stage belongs to the refugee reporters. Currently they stem from four different countries. The team is headed by the 16 years young host Olivia Christopher. The reporters are Arman Niamat Ullah, Ayad Salim, Said Mohamed. The cameramen are Newton Idemudia und Fathi Ghanim.

The initiator of is the Austrian filmmaker David Gross. Together with two filmmakers and a musician they form the support team.

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The money already features a few pilots. Please take a look. As of today the support team carried all costs involved, however as film making is expensive this is an unsustainable practice. In order to continue in a professional manner we will need your support.

With five thousand euros we will be able to produce our next magazine, which will include several fresh reports and stories. We will put the raised money to use by covering basic costs like travel and technical equipment and paying our team members for their journalistic work.


The future

In March of 2016 is invited to participate at the media arts festival «Digital Spring» in Salzburg. Here we will present the TV-magazine you funded for the first time on a large screen. The screening will be followed by discussions and a party.

Our reports will be aired by community tv stations. The web series will continue. Several appearances at art festivals are in the planning. With your support we want to go the extra mile and create a European platform for refugee-reporters. wants to dissolve boarders in the minds as well as on maps.


The goodies

For your money we will make you part of the story and provide goodies. All supporters will be listed on our website as well as in the credits. Your name will be featured on the big screen at festivals all around Europe, maybe even as an executive producer. The goodies include fan packages, which will be filled with exclusive articles, T-shirts, DVDs, posters, cards and stickers. Generous supporters will have the chance to visit the set and may even become a star guest on the big stage.