Who are we?

We are 4 soon to be nurses who have completed internships at Regina Pacis. As a result from this experience, we were made aware of the great lack of resources and equipment necessary to care for the population.

Today, we wish to participate, with your help, in the evolution of the clinic by collecting any donations that could be offered to Regina Pacis to improve the health care provided to the patients, and the working conditions for the staff.

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What is Regina Pacis?

The clinic was founded in 2000 by a Catholic priest in order to help the disadvantaged population of the suburbs of Lomé, but also because health care is not affordable for the majority of the population. The establishment is private and is run by the Sisters Our Lady of the Church. It does not receive a grant from the state and operates thanks to external donations and internal services of the hospital.

Currently, Regina Pacis consists of 7 departments and 40 collaborators:

  • Nursing service: Vital sign assessment, medication injections, venipunctures, perfusions, dressings, sutures, symptomatic prescriptions
  • Medicine: Medical consultation and clinical examination
  • Maternity: Pre-natal, post-natal and gynecological consultations, simple deliveries, vaccinations, ultrasounds.
  • Laboratory: Samples of various biological fluids and analysis.
  • Pharmacy: Sale of medications and medical materials.
  • Radiology.
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What will your donations be used for?

All the services mentioned above function with very little resources and material. For example, there is only one blood pressure cuff for the entire hospital and the doctors do not have an otoscope. In addition to this, the gloves are not available in the services but are the responsibility of the patient to purchase at the pharmacy, just like the materials necessary for his or her treatment (catheters, needles, etc.). Due to the lack of certain materials, many patients must be transferred to Lomé University Hospital under difficult conditions (motorbikes, taxis, bicycles, etc.) because the clinic does not have an ambulance.

Your donations will be used to finance the purchase of materials and to improve the conditions of health care and working conditions.

List of equipment and materials needed: blood pressure monitoring device (adult and pediatric), pulsoximeter, scales, infusion stands, stethoscopes, otoscope, peakflow device, reflex hammer, computers, printers, medical resuscitation equipment, sharps containers, thermometers, hospital beds, delivery tables, sterilization container, speculums, ECG device.

A big thank-you!