Another world is still possible! And it will be democratic, or it won’t be! A true ecological and social democracy is within reach, we need you! 💙

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Another democracy is possible, let's reinvent it together!

Imagine a real democracy, including everyone and allowing us to answer serenely and efficiently to the crucial issues of our century, whether they are ecological or social. It is urgent that citizens can get involved and make their voices heard. But to do this, we must reinvent democracy.

Switzerland is certainly a direct democracy, often envied throughout the world. But here too, many things need to change: money dominates ideas, ⅓ of the population is deprived of the right to vote and politics is only accessible to traditional parties and lobbies. Indeed, it requires a lot of money, time, and means.

Democratizing our society is critical in the years to come if we want to imagine a bright future. It is urgent to extend the power of decision by and for the greatest number through a true political, economic and territorial democracy. For this, citizens must act! And it starts today with a simple donation.

Together, we are a huge force!

An ambitious campaign for democracy

AG!SSONS proposes to launch the largest campaign for democracy ever seen in Switzerland. To do this, we need to raise 100,000 CHF in 6 weeks!

  • Once we have raised CHF 30,000, we will launch a national petition for Legislative Citizens’ Chambers, composed of citizens (like you!) selected by lot. Thanks to these, political decisions will serve us all and not only multinationals and lobbyists.

  • When we raise 50,000 CHF, we will also launch 4 popular initiatives in the canton of «Vaud» on the theme of democracy. These initiatives aim to make the consideration of popular initiatives faster in view of the emergencies we are going through, to allow people living in Switzerland for several years without having the nationality to express themselves politically, to make popular initiatives more accessible to citizens and to ask the State to actively promote democracy in the whole society.

  • When we collect 70,000 CHF, AG!SSONS will launch, based on the national petition, popular initiatives for Legislative Citizens’ Chambers in several cantons.

  • Finally, when we will obtain 100,000 CHF, AG!SSONS will organize the first great weekend of democracy in Switzerland in 2023. We will have exceptional personalities, and you will be our guests of honor. This event is intended to become the true «Rendez-Vous of Democracy» of national importance that will inspire citizen change throughout the country for years to come.

We need to reinvent democracy - let’s make Switzerland an example to the world again!

How you can make a difference

It may seem like a lot of money, but we know we can count on you. If each of you manages to mobilize even a few people in your circle, in a few weeks, we will be able to collect enough money to allow us to make society truly democratic!

  • With 20 CHF, you allow Lighea, a volunteer within the action group, to print and distribute 400 flyers (in recycled paper) at a food market in «Vevey».

  • With 60 CHF, you allow Aurélien, a volunteer within the communication group, to reach 5’000 people on social networks.

  • With 120 CHF, you allow Diana, a volunteer within the communication group, to have the help of a professional to edit a short video explaining one of our initiatives.

  • With 280 CHF, you allow Steven, a volunteer within the strategy and planning group, to rent a room to give a training session on organizing to dozens of volunteers.

  • With 500 CHF, you allow Claudia, a volunteer within the action group, to organize a whole day of signature collection with 25 volunteers throughout the canton.

  • With 1000 CHF, you belong to our big donors and allow Tim, a volunteer within the finance and logistics group, to pay one month’s rent for our premises which allow us to work together in Lausanne.

In short :

If you want to live in a society that allows its inhabitants to make their voices heard, make a donation.

If you want your children to live in a society that is capable of dealing with ecological and social crises through collective intelligence and solidarity, make a donation.

If you think that a democratic revolution is necessary, make a donation.

If you think that another world is still possible, make a donation.

Thank you very much. Together everything is possible.

[Important information: in a duty of transparency and exemplarity, the names of donors (from 1’000CHF) will be made public on our website after the crowdfunding].