Photo essay portraying contemporary urban space in Doha, Bahrain, the UAE and India, reflecting on how we live in a globalized and digitalized world. Accompanied by original text on urban philosophy.

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a photo book - a manifesto

RESURRECTING BABYLON is an independently published book consisting of original photos and text, thematizing the contemporary city in the Gulf Regions.

After living and working in Bahrain and travelling the region, I produced photos and text portraying these places, which I believe reflect on the times we live in strongly and are products of global circumstances.

info: soft cover (190x270mm), 160 pages, language: English

all photos and text have been produced by the author between 2016 and 2020.

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The project aims at asking the questions: What do cities look like in a globalized, digitalized world? And what are their driving forces?

Cities in the Gulf Region are a clear manifestation of this exact world, due to their explosive boom in the past 100 years. Focusing on Doha, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and the Taj Mahal, this book aims at questioning accelerated development, public space, reality, authenticity and tradition.

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The book will be printed 100% in Switzerland (climate neutral 0.521t CO2 compensated production), which is why the production costs are high.

In order to give my passion project to the world for a reasonable price and produce it locally as an independent author, I ask you for support in any way!

The edition consists of 50 copies. All exceeding funds will be invested in printing further copies.

Expenses: Print 50 pcs. 2600.-/ Detail design graphic artist 500.-/ Proofreading 400.-/ Shipping 500.-/

TOTAL: 4000.- CHF

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