UpdateBy Brigitte, on 31/7/2021 15:08


https://youtu.be/mq0uDK95TfE RETTET DIE FIRMAMENTE ! Dear friends,

today is July 31st - forty days from our concert in Vienna 🧱 5

did you see the streaming? PICTURELOCK made a real good job !

Two days ago Kaoko was ready to publish our concert on YouTube. More than one hour of newest music - powered by #wemakeit, meaning powered by you!!

What a feeling ! world premiere of firmamente is at 42.25 min.


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News in ENGLISH !By Brigitte, on 12/6/2021 00:18

Dear friends, this is a project to support contemporary chamber music in a live concert combined with video streaming. First the musicians : Kaoko Amano, soprano Yui Iwata-Skweres and Eirini Krikoni, violins Tomasz Skweres, violoncello Second the PROGRAM

Tomasz Skweres (1984) SEVEN AFFECTS [2017] for violin and violoncello

Ivan Buffa (1979) THE FOUR AGREEMENTS [2010] for voice

Alexandra Karastoyanowa Hermentin (1968) HOMMAGE à SCARLATTI [2021] for violoncello

Ivan Buffa CAPRICE III [2018/9] for violin (world premiere)

Tomasz Skweres FIRMAMENTE [2021] for soprano and violoncello (world premiere) ~ ~ ~ P A U S E ~ ~ ~

Tomasz Skweres IMPACT [2017] for violin

Grzegorz Pieniek (1982) ENCHANTED CIRCLE [2012] for violoncello

Daniel Moser (1982) NUANCES [2011] for violin

György Kurtág (1926) KAFKA FRAGMENTE [1987] part I : 1,2,5,7,9,12,14,15,16,18 for soprano and violin

Third the link where you can hear the streaming will be posted prior to the concert on Facebook

Please support our crowdfunding project with a donation ! Thank you


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