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Cuban Encounters

The first part of this project (Rhythm Diaries - European Journey) took place in 2016 when I was deeply affected by the political turmoil that rose in Europe. I wanted to send a signal of unity and exchange through my music, so I travelled all across Europe to collaborate with 15 outstanding artists. Inspired by the overwhelming success of Europe, I will take Rhythm Diaries ahead into one of the most dynamic places in the world.

With your support I will travel to Cuba, once again using rhythm as a universal language to collaborate with the masters of traditional Rumba music. Cuba is at a cross roads, a unique point in its history. Having been secluded from fast globalisation for a long time it is now opening up its borders for the first time. My journey is about connecting with the masters of this rich tradition and showcase once again, the universal power of rhythm. I want to connect to the traditional and sacred art form that defines Cuba’s inner-most spirit, the rhythms of Rumba.

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The Album & The Film

In Cuba I will meet the masters of rhythm, creating encounters that span across generations and communities. What happens when two musicians meet each other for the very first time? We will let our rhythms talk to each other and connect on a level where words fail. There is magic in the unknown, and it is this magic that we are keen to capture on film and on a music album.

My partner on this adventure is Sushant Chaudhury, a brilliant young Indian film maker, based in New York. Having collaborated with Sushant before, we share a strong passion for respectful collaborations and genuine cultural exchange as much as the passion for the Rhythm itself: «As an editor, I see rhythm in everything. In conversations, footsteps, blinking lights, and moving traffic.» (Sushant Chaudhury)

Over the course of our 4 weeks stay, Sushant will be your visual lens into Cuba and produce a 50 minute documentary film.

Philosophy & Timeframe

Music is the language that speaks directly to the heart of everyone. In my artistic practice I am committed to send a message of equality, respect and exchange. Values that could not be of more importance in today’s time. Rhythm Diaries is about connecting people with each other and bringing these values into their lives. Through the power of rhythm we celebrate togetherness and connect with each other in a respectful and genuine way.

If you share this philosophy with us, become part of «Rhythm Diaries» and help us realise this dream!

Our trip to Cuba is scheduled for December 2017 to January 2018. In the spring of 2018 we will mix the album and edit the documentary. In September 2018 we will be ready with for the big release which will take place in the form of concerts and film screenings in London and Linz.