Réalisation Trailer: Van & Binko

Who am I?

Born in Geneva to French & Spanish parents, I have three sisters and one album… and waiting to make the second one. I have two guitars, one piano, two cats, and difficult to style hair… I love singing & the stage, being with friends & family, laughter, dancing, paella, traveling and surprises (the good kind) … and that’s about all for now… if anyone cares ;)

My project

After a first album (recorded in Philadelphia, USA) and many live albums, I have been working for several months on my second album which includes the first two singles, «Love is a crime», and «Rise», which are currently getting radio airplay. There are many other new titles which I am eager to get into the studio to record. They are inspired by the good & bad things of life, and through the music, take over the senses and become ’companions’ on the road to eternity.

!The aim with this album is for it to be more sonically diverse than the first, a new auditory adventure that I hope to share with you all! So who’s in?

New clip «Rise» by Van & Binko

Your contribution will be used to pay:

  • Album registration, musicians, mixing, and mastering of the album
  • Album design
  • Possibly a new haircut… we shall see… ;)
  • The opportunity to pursue my dream …

Dear fans, friends, and future contributors

Your support is invaluable to me to carry out this project and travel new roads, with you on this new album that we will create together! A big, heartfelt thank you to all of you!