First Pics from Film Performance Saturday 22nd.By Masnàda Associazione, on 24/8/2015 15:58

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In Piazza Manzoni, Lugano. Performance: Live editing, Music & Dance.

LIVE FILM PERFORMANCE, sat. 22 August. PIAZZA MANZONI. LUGANO.By Masnàda Associazione, on 19/8/2015 16:20


Original music score, with live images and scenes from the film.

Seating available. Free event.

Raw Stills from production. Enjoy!By Masnàda Associazione, on 17/8/2015 10:54

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Just finished the second week of filming!By Masnàda Associazione, on 9/8/2015 10:12

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First week at Turba, a beautiful old building. Second week at Seven Club Lugano. And now into Polivideo studios for the final choreography sequences.

Some backstage pics from the shoot.

Room 306 Production team gets ready.By Masnàda Associazione, on 26/7/2015 23:14

Coming close to first day of shooting.

Masnàda T-Shirts are now in production.By Masnàda Associazione, on 26/7/2015 20:30

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