«Safe parks» are mobile playgrounds, in which Syrian refugee children in Lebanon can experience some carefree moments, to forget the war and for once just be a child.

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Concluded on 15/4/2015


We tour with a bus through Lebanon and stop in a regular timetable at different fixed places to set up our mobile playgrounds. Apart from various toys, there’s also painting equipment and crafting material available. All children, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, are invited to use «safe parks» and to let off their steam in a creative and playful manner. Your contribution allows war affected children to experience some carefree moments in a protected area, where they can, for once, be nothing but a child.


About 5 million Syrian children are worldwide on the run, many of them in neighbouring Lebanon. They’ve often experienced things, which no child should never have to. In the «safe parks» these children get the chance to express themselves in a creative way through painting, dancing or singing. Onsite professionals will support them in overcoming suffered traumas. Thanks to your contribution emotional scars will slowly heal again.


Being on the run families get often torn apart. Thereby children can be separated from their parents and siblings. Some of them are all alone on the run. In «safe parks» these children will get the necessary support to search for missing relatives. ISS network and its partners in 140 countries will facilitate not only the process of tracing persons, but also a later reunification.


Professionals onsite will support unaccompanied minors to find a home in their extended family or, if this isn’t possible, in a foster family. With your support children living on the street or in a camp will, in the longer term, have a safe home in a familiar environment.

Expanding and developing

The first «safe parks» have been set up in cooperation with FICE South Africa for AIDS orphans. We have adapted the concept to the needs of Syrian refugee children. The offer will be continously adjusted and expanded, if other kinds of assistances are requested. The vast knowledge and transnational connections of the professionals involved will not only be beneficial to acutely affected children, but also be of inestimable value once the war is over, for example in the context of family reunifications.